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The Pentagon Wants You to Hack It

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US Defense team know as Defense Digital Service(DDS), which was established last year to bring US technology experts into the military, initiate the competition is called ‘Hack the Pentagon’, where they invites security experts and hackers to hack the Pentagon system.

The Pentagon has announced that it’s going to welcome outside hackers to help identify vulnerabilities in US Defense Department websites.

Currently US Defense Department has used internal “red teams” to test its networks but it hopes that by calling on external hackers, it will be able to deliver more comprehensive solutions.

Mean while the Pentagon hasn’t revealed any details of how the competition will work, it has said that it expects thousands of qualified applicants to get involved. There is also the possibility that it will involve a financial reward.

But to get into the competition is also not easy, as hackers have submit there background expertise to get into it.
Given that the DDS wants to bring more technology experts into the US military, it’s not out of the question that the winning hackers may end up with a change in career by the end of the project as well.

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