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Pentagon System hacked by Russian Hackers

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Recently US special division Pentagon have suffered from cyber attacks, and Russian hackers are being suspected behind the attacks. 

The U.S. officials from Pentagon have told NBC News that Pentagon’s Joint Staff unclassified email system faced a sophisticated cyberattack. The attack has been shut down and network has been taken offline for nearly two weeks. This cyber attack occurred around July 25, affecting about 4,000 military and civilian personnel working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Used New and Unseen Methods
The wired things is that this attacks were different and the methods was never known before. 
The attacks were done by the automated system that downloaded large chunks of data and then distributed it to the numerous different accounts on the web.

Official says that no classified information was leaked and only unclassified information regarding accounts and emails was hacked.

As the attack was done on last 25th, and the entire Joint Chiefs email system has been offline. Officials added that the system would be back online before the end of this week.

There is no clue or evidence how hacker breached the system security, but the investigation is going on and hope we get more to hear.

The notable things is that this was not the first time that US suffered cyber attacks from Russian hackers. Earlier also Russian hackers have hacked into the system of White House and attackers reads the emails and some personal conversion of US President Back Obama.
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