Whatsapp to add 'Like' and 'Mark as Unread' Features

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Popular instant messaging service 'Whatsapp' owned by Facebook Inc is soon going to add another couples of cool feature. These features are being adopted from its parent site Facebook.

Whatsapp is reportedly testing 'Like button' and 'Mark as unread' feature on its messaging platform.

Ilhan Pektas, WhatsApp beta tester, tweeted a teasing tweet hinting the Like Button feature on whatsapp. There is not much detail revealed and neither Whatsapp have commented any news about these new features.

Apart from this Whatsapp is also integrating Mark as Unread feature to chat messages that will offer recipients ability to mark any message as unread, so that senders will not get the blue ticks.

According to a report by Adslzone, WhatsApp currently uses blue coloured check marks to denote read messages. The new feature will allow users to reverse the process.The report adds that the received the information via an internal WhatsApp translation document.
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