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Facebook shutdown Extratorrent's fan page

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Extratorrent Facebook, fan Page, we are back
After the numerous complaints from the copyright holders, social giant Facebook has removed the official fan page of popular torrent site, Extratorrent.

The page had more than 350,000 fans and also with the regular updates. Because of regular updates and much popularity of the site, Extratorrent was a active community on socialnetwork.

According to Facebook the ExtraTorrent page was considered to be a repeat copyright infringer, but the staff of the torrent site refutes this characterization.

Member of extratorrent told to torrentfreak that Facebook had warned the community about the infringement content, not to post direct link to the pirated content.

This is not the first time that Facebook have deleted Extratorrent fan page. Earlier also Facebook took down torrent site fan page which have 14,000+ fans.

After the continues took down of page, Extratorrent community not giving up on Facebook. They quickly launched a new gan page which have already gathered more than 6,000 fans.
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