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WhatsApp Gets Material Design with Voice calling for All

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Instant messaging service "Whatsapp" owned by Facebook have today got a major updates for android platform. Today Whatsapp have rolled out the Material design in its latest updates which gives the whole new look on Android platform.

Android users have been always ahead of the Widows Phone users when it comes to app updates and releases, and this is no exception. Apart from this design, it have also got another major update of voice calling feature.

Earlier the voice calling feature was only available via an invitation, but now it has been publicly available for all android users. So if you are looking for the calling feature then you can get it now, just by updating your WhatsApp apps. Till yet there is no official announcement of calling feature for Windows and iOS Platform. 

But some of the sources claims that WhatsApp voice calling will be arriving soon for Windows Phone devices. The Press and Update has reported that WhatsApp voice calling feature will be made available for Windows Phone users after it is released for iOS users..

Another rumors about the Whatsapp is going on that, after the launch of the voice calling feature, WhatsApp video calling will be arriving soon. Just like the voice calling feature, WhatsApp video calling will also be free for the users.

To get the voice calling feature you can download it from Google Play Store or from its official site and enjoy free voice calling with a stable and good data plan. 

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