Russian hackers APT28 exploited two zero-day flaws in the wild

Researcher from security firm FireEye has once again detected a new cyber espionage campaign, dubbed as "Operation RussianDoll" which is operated by the Russian hackers group APT28. Earlier also FireEye have published a detailed information on the activity of the APT28 group running cyber espionage campaigns.

This time hackers of APT28 group run highly targeted attack by leveraging two Zero-day vulnerabilities to target an Internationally government entity. APT28 group exploiting the vulnerabilities in the Adobe Flash Software and (CVE-2015-3043) and Windows operating system (CVE-2015-1701).

APT28 was the same Russian hackers  group who have run a cyber espionage campaigns against the U.S defense contractors, European security organizations and Eastern European government entities. FireEye researchers collected evidence that the APT28 group is linked to the Russian Government,

Investigators at several security firms believe that APT28 was responsible for a serious breach at U.S. State Department computers in November 2014, and the experts speculate that the team also compromised an unclassified network at the White House accessing sensitive information, including the President Obama agenda.

FireEye wrote that the vulnerability on the Adobe Flash Software has  been patched by Adobe team on Tuesday. So users can update their Flash Application to the latest version to prevent the further damage. For Windows Zero-day vulnerability, currently there is no patch available but the FireEye team are working with the Microsoft Security Team on CVE-2015-1701.

“APT28 appeared to target individuals affiliated with European security organizations and global multilateral institutions. The Russian government has long cited European security organizations like NATO and the OSCE as existential threats, particularly during periods of increased tension in Europe,” FireEye reported.”

For more detailed information about the FireEye research on this, you can download the research paper (PDF file). 

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