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Microsoft announced $15,000 for Hacking Spartan Browser

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Here is the another good news for all hackers and security researcher, as tech giant Microsoft have  announced monetary reward program for its newly launched browser Spartan. Any hackers or security researcher who discover and report the security flaw on Microsoft Spartan browser will get rewarded with US $15,000.

Microsoft wants to make the security of its new browsers much tight and for this company have announced a reward program to hack or bypass the browser security. Microsoft will reward $15,000 to the researcher or hacker how will found and report the valid bug to Microsoft under the Microsoft Bug Bounty Program .

Jason Shirk of Microsoft’s Security Response Center says in a blog post, that this new bug bounty program also offers payouts for vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, and Sway Web application tool.  Those hackers and researchers who submitted vulnerability reports since the beginning of 2015 would also be rewarded if the discovered vulnerabilities meet the eligibility criteria.

Apart from this, Microsoft is also offering up to $100,000 USD to bypass active mitigations (such as ASLR and DEP) in the company’s latest released version of the operating system, and "a bonus of up to $50,000 USD for actionable defense techniques to the reported bypass," Microsoft says.

Microsoft announced its bug bounty program last year and company announced the program with the huge reward of $100,000 USD.

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