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How to Buy the Right Smartphone for Your Needs

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Getting confused with the selection of the new smartphone for yourself is not a new thing. Even I too got confused while I was making a selection. The numerous thing going around in my mind about the design, features, quality and many more while making the decision. The most difficult situation is when you are making the purchase by cutting your pocket and that too also for the first time. Because of the too many option available make the situation more tricky and confused.

With the number of option available also make mind confused. Many of us might opt to buy the latest flagship phones which are trending on. But this may be not the right decision in a financially way, which may make an extra cut from your pocket.

Here is the guide that may be able to offer some help in your decision.
1. Features you Want: - I prefer all my readers, first to make a list of the features that you like to have on your smartphones. There are less number of the choice that a single device offers as you like. So it's better you should know what you are looking for. This will make your work easy.

2. Budget you have: - Another main factor you should do is to check your pocket. As this is the point which decide your smartphones.  You should mainly focus on the phones that are under your budget and price, which should not cut your pocket. And this can be done by checking some smartphone price list, which will make your easier. You can go ahead for more if you can afford. Let's think you choose Samsung Smartphones to buy, so just check the Samsung mobile price list only .

3. Selection of the Device: - For not getting more confused, do select some count of phones from the numbers of option available, after putting the price range. Select five to Eight smartphone that you like, which is having your required features. It's not the easy task, but after applying your budget range will somehow make easier for you to take the decision. 

4. Offline or Online purchase: - If you have set your mind to do an online purchasing of a smartphone than here you have one plus point. As we all know that there is always a competition between the online shopping sites, so can take advantage of that and make a price comparison.  Comparing price of smartphones will definitely save some of your bucks.  There  are many price comparison site as like It gives all the price list of the products of different online stores on a single page. Online shopping sites always try to provide items in less price than its competitors. They may tag the price with low price or offers some discount coupons. So getting discounts on your cart is liked by all, and everyone are looking for that only. There are lots of sites available on internet which provides coupons for online shopping. Just google it and you will get your coupons.

Same thing you can also do in offline purchase also. If possible make the price comparison of different stores. But here you may not get a discount as you are getting in online shopping.

5. Check users review: - I strongly recommend all to check the review list or comment box of particular product. Users who had used the device that you are looking may have left some reviews about it. This will surely help you to make the right decision. Some of the handsets are featured well but sometimes they may have some bugs like heating problems, gaming requirements or camera option or something else. So this may have discussed in the reviews section or the community forums of the handset.

6. Other Checkpoints: - Select which operating system your smartphone should run like Android, Windows or iOS.  After that look for the camera option (LED flash, Resolution etc). Check which Processor it is having and RAM you like to wish to have. Other than this you should also make a check for the connectivity (Network Support, WiFi, Bluetooth etc), ROM (Internal Storage), Storage expandable capacity, and display (Screen resolution).

If you keep these things in mind when shopping for a smartphone, you should have an easy time finding a good device worth your money. You’ll know what things can drive up the price, and you can save some bucks by avoiding things you don’t need.

If I had missed something on the post, share it on comments below. 
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