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Facebook Launches Messenger for Web Browsers

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After announcing the web version of the popular instant messaging service "WhatsApp" now Facebook have also brought its messenger app service on web. Now users can do chat from their desktop browsers also.

With the domain, facebook have announced the web version of its messenger app which will separate it from homepage. With this web version of the messenger, Facebook is making another great steps for its upcoming Messenger Business integration, in which users can chat directly with companies about product questions, purchase updates and shipment tracking.

Users can still use to send message but the could be very much helpful for the busy users concerned with productivity, or those that use Facebook to chat with friends but don’t like the social content chaos of its main site.

Currently, the Web version is currently available in English only but soon will support for more languages. To use the Web version of the messenger just login with your facebook account and you will get the chats dashboard as you have on messenger app. You can also make calls with the telephone or video button at the top right menu bar; clicking either option will open a call interface in a new window.

You can manage other setting for the messenger from the gear button on the upper left corner. One nifty feature is the ability to turn on desktop notifications so you get a little pop-up overlayed on your computer screen when you get a message that lets you jump to your tab.

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