Yahoo Introduce new Way to Login Yahoomail

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As there is a huge problems with all of you to remember all the passwords of different account like, bank, social accounts and others, but now this problem is been solved from Yahoo side. At SXSW session, Yahoo announced a new and secure methods called "on-demand password" for logging its mail service.

Yahoo introduced a new on-demand login feature that sends users a specialized code to their mobile devices to gain access. The code is generated only for that account; since it changes each time you log in, the method is secure.Hackers would have to be in physical possession of a user's smartphone to know the code and thus access the account.

Google, Twitter and other giants have also introduced same kind of account login features called Two-factor Authentication, but in this you need to have both your set passwords and also a code that has been sent on the registered mobile number. 

Yahoo new login features is little bit different from this, as with on-demand feature you won't need your permanent password.  You can log into your mail account just by entering the code sent on your mobile. 

In order to opt-in for the feature follow some simple steps:
  1. Sign in to your Yahoo email account. 
  2. Click on your name at the top right corner to access your account information page. 
  3. Choose Security in the sidebar. 
  4. Click on the slider for on-demand passwords, in order to opt-in. 
  5. Enter your phone number and Yahoo will send you a verification code. 
  6. Enter the code.
What do you think about this move from Yahoo?? Is it much secure that protects your accounts. Do you think other companies like Facebook, Google should adopt the same login features??? Do write about it what you think about it. 

Earlier also Yahoo had implemented End-to-End encryption on its service for the security purose  and now this. This is a great steps from Yahoo relating to security concerns. 
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