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HipChat Hacked, Hackers accessed User Data

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If you are suing the instant messaging service "HipChat" then here you have to give attention and immediately change your password. Hipchat have issued a security warning updates for its users, as company says that HipChat system had been breached.

HipChat developer and Australian software maker Atlassian, have announced that they have  found a suspicious activity on their system and later on they have confirmed that HipChat system was breached and attackers have gained access to some of fraction of the users data.

Craig Davies, Head of the Atlassian security division said that the information, noted that hackers have just gained 2 percent of the HipChat database which includes name, usernames, emails and passwords of the users accounts.  However Davies have not reveals how hackers have gained accessed to the HipChat system .

HipChat is the private messaging service available for both mobile and web users. Users can do group chat, and can also store the data on the cloud service. HipChat also allows a video calling features to its users. Currently HipChat is available for all the platform - Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. 

On the security note company have apologize for the recent breach and mentioned that they took users security very seriously. They are constantly enhancing the security of there service infrastructure to keep users data safe.

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