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Google releases Cloud Security Scanner to test Web apps

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Google always gives prior concerns to its users security and company also helps for the security evolvement. Another thing is that Google had initiated many task which help people worldwide. Now once again Google have brought  a new things for all the security researcher and also to its user security.

Yesterday, Google  have released a new tool to make scanning for the vulnerabilities on it cloud platform which is named as "Google Cloud Security Scanners". Google says that this application scan for all types of vulnerabilities, which is divided into two, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Mixed content.

As there are many online security scanners available over the internet for web applicationscations, but Google says these are typically not very well suited to those that run on the Google App Engine. As they are complicated to setup and have limitations over the security scanning.

This Google's new tool is very easy to setup and will be helpful for all developers.  In particular, this scan web applications for two very common vulnerabilities: cross-site scripting (XSS) and mixed content. 

Cloud Security Scanner addresses the weaknesses of both approaches by using a multi-stage pipeline. First, the scanner makes a high-speed pass, crawling, and parsing the HTML. It then executes a slow and thorough full-page render to find the more complex sections of your site - Google noted.

The developers can access the Cloud Security Scanner under Compute > App Engine > Security in Google's Developers Console. This will run your first scan. It does not work with App Engine Managed VMs, Google Compute Engine, or other resources.

Initially the security scanner is in beta form, and Google have mentioned that more new and advanced features will be coming in near future. If you like to give a try then you can head over to Google's dedicated page

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