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Ringo App gives International Calling without Internet

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There are many apps present on the Google Play Store which claims to provide free calling and also gives check international calling features. But a new app "Ringo" that hit apps store yesterday, have been downloaded more than 50,000 times in a single day and that only for Android platform.

An Internet domain name registrar company "Directi" have launched the new app in India called Ringo, that allows users to make high-quality, expensive international calls, for a fraction of the amount and without using an internet connection. Ringo didn't use VoIP technique for its service rather it make an international call in a similar way to local calls through your mobile carrier.

How Ringo Works ?
When a Ringo user from India maks an international call through the app, she is connected to the Ringo servers and is then prompted to cut the line. Ringo then makes an outbound call to the other party then dials back the caller, effectively connecting them via their own local carriers.

Currently Ringo service is available within 17 countries,  with more in the offing the caller winds up paying a much lower amount compared to a regular international cellular call cut.

Being a callular call, all of the regular call features associated with your mobile plan--conferencing, caller ID etc--work transparently with this service. You can even use the service when roaming across India, although the service cannot dial to other numbers within the country.

Amazing thing about the Ringo service is that, it makes the service billing via a funds deposited by users in its account. Additionally Ringo also refunds all the funds if customer (users) wants to disconnected from the service. 

At the announcement of the Ringo, CEO of Ringo and Directi, Bhavin Turakhia says-
"We believe our app will change the way India communicates with the world,".
"In this country, reliable connectivity that can support VoIP calling is still far away. Ringo provides the perfect solution for Indian consumers to stay in touch with people abroad reliably and at a low cost." - he added
Download Ringo apps, get new bid offer.
At the mean time Ringo app is available for all three platform and you can download apps from the following links.  Play Store  |  iTunes  |   Windows Store .

If you are looking for Ringo calling rates then you can find it from the below Image and for more details you can check at its Official site.

On the eve of launch, Ringo gives a great offers to its users, as company is providing first call for free of cost for every users. So just download the apps and make a first call without paying any penny .
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