#OpCharlieHebdo - Anonymous call up for 'Operation Charlie Hebdo'

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Hacktivist group "Anonymous" have declared a cyber war on Islamic extremists after Wednesday's deadly attack on Paris-based satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and the operation code name is #OpCharlieHebdo .

Affiliation of the Anonymous group have published a video on YouTube declaring a operation under which hackers is going to attack terrorist websites and social media accounts in revenge for the killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists. The video is in french and the group also posted a message to Pastebin, also in French and addressed to the “enemies of the freedom of expression”.
A Twitter account with the same codename, @OpCharlieHebdo, shared a video about the operation on Saturday; it also paid tribute to the 10 magazine staffers and 2 police officers killed in the attack.

Mostly Anonymous hackers take down the websites with a powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which is not much sophisticated, as site gets offline for some duration of time. But sometimes high DDos attack can affected the server and make site offline for long period of time. 

Today early morning, Hackers have tweeted on the twitter handle that they have took down one of the terrorist site (ansar-alhaqq.net )with the DDos attack, but at the mean time site is working fine. 
Anonymous hackers have called up every hackers around the world to join the operation. If every hackers came up together then you can just expect to what extent this cyber war will reach.

However, #OpCharlieHebdo hasn't received any endorsements from the more well-known Anonymous Twitter account @YourAnonNew .