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Notepad++ website hacked for releasing special Je suis Charlie edition

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A hackers group named as "Fallaga Team" had hacked defaced the site of Notepad++ . Hackers have pointed the reason behind the hack due to the release of special Je suis Charlie edition of Notepad++.

On the deface pace hackers have left a message which reads the following -

Hi NOTEPAD++, Today is your turn.
So you are “CHARLIE” !
Because the last notepad++ version (6.7.4) named “JE SUIS CHARLIE” !
So you think that Islam is terrorist !
Will i’m here to show you who is the real terrorist ?
– Q : Who killed 1.5 Million people ?
+ A : France ^_^ !
– Q : Who Killed most of Iraq people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
– Q : Who Killed most of Afghanistan people ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
– Q : Who is the reason for the status of Somalia ?
+ A : USA ^_^ !
Now take a look in the world what’s happening ?
1. Mali, Just 5 minutes of your life, open YouTube and write Mali .. Watch ! :/
2. Libya ?!!
3. Syria ?!!
4. IRAQ ?!!
The biggest case : PALESTINE
Israel, Of course, all of you have heard about what’s happening now there !
I’m going to let you make a search about it, (اسرائيل)
Look for it in Arabic because in English is your ideas -Fake ones-
Anyway, OUR Message is clear
 At the mean time Notepad++ team had recovered the site and its working fine, but you can see the site deface with the wayback machine.

After reading the deface message it seems that hackers are from Tunisian and was defaced by hackers Màh Di & ROJO XI & MR.CHARFE .

Recently Anonymous group had announced  #OpCharlieHebdo in the response to the brutal slaying of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris recently. Under this operation Anonymous hacker are targeting Islamic and terrorist websites.

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