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MalDrone: First Malware for Drone

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In today's day Drone is getting more popular specially with online merchants and eCommerce sites like Amazone and Ebay. It is also being used for land surveillance, Delivering Pizza's. These Drones are being used in many ways like spying, capturing pictures etc.

Recently Security researcher have found a backdoor in Parrot AR Drones, manufactured by French company which allows malicious attacker to remotely hijacked the drone.

Once again a Indian Security Researcher Rahul Sasi , have claimed to developed a first malware dubbed a MalDrone [Malware Drone] for Drone which perform numbers of task. He is going to demonstrate his research in upcoming Nullcon Goa Event this feb 7th, 2015. This Nullcon event is going to held in Goa (India) and good news is that registration and ticket booking is on going.

Researcher have published a video demonstration, showing how MalDrone can be used to remotely hijacked drones.
On the blog post Rahul wrote -
we would show infecting a drone with Maldrone and expecting a reverse tcp connection from drone. Once connection is established we can interact with the software as well as drivers/sensors of drone directly. 
Researcher claims that his backdoors kills the auto pilot and takes control over the Drones. The backdoor still resides it reset also. He mentioned that his malware can also spread to other drones and can also backdoor other drones which are within the wireless range.

Here are some of the features about the MalDrone are -:
  • Maldrone will get silently installed on a drone.
  • Interact with with the device drivers and sensors silently.
  • Lets the bot master controller the drone remotely .
  • Escape from the Drone owner to Bot master.
  • Remote surveillance.
  • Spread to other drones 
So it will quite interesting to look at the demonstration that are going to show at Nullcon event. For the demo purpose Rahul is using Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 and DJI Phantom as Maldrone is developed for AR drone arm linux. You can check full details what Rahul is going to demonstrate at Nullcon from here

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