5 Best Programming Languages to learn in 2015

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If you are really interested to make something in a Geeks world then  you have to get prepare yourself. In this era of technology, Computer programming is one of the best field to make a carrier. If we look over the stats of Programmer recruitment job, there is a huge demand of the computer Programmer.

In today's date where everyone is getting connecting (familiar) with the computers should have the least knowledge of  basic computer programs. Learning program is not a big task, until you enjoyed while learning.  The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also reveals that there will be a growth of 8% in the job of programmer.

If you ask me, then I personally recommend you to start with C, then continue with Java and PHP and follow on. Here I am discussing Top 5 Best Programming Language that you should learn in 2015. 

1. C :- As same, first will recommend to go with C. As C is still a popular one and easy and much powerful. C is very useful to create Softwares and Programming Software, mostly C Programming is widely used for create softwares for Linux, Windows and many other OS. With C you can easily move to other as directly or indirectly all are based on C.

2. Java :- Yet another one, Java is one of the most popular Programming Language and more than 6 billions of the software based or runs on Java environment.  Almost 97 Percent of the enterprise system run on Java. Java is also the main language used to develop native Android apps for smartphones and tablets.

3. Python :- Python is one of the advance and high level programming language. With Python you can do almost everything you like. It is much recommend to develop web apps, users interface and for other works too.  If you are un-aware then let you know that, Search Engine Giant "Google" was also based on Python.

4. PHP :- Mine favorite one, as in short period of time it have gained so much popularity. PHP provides flexibility to programmers and can code anything on PHP. It is very much recommend to work with the database like MySQL. With PHP you can design a web interface, web apps and also easily connect with database. Socail Network giant "Facebook" is build in PHP only.

5. SWIFT :- This is one of the younger programming language not even a  year old, but because of its features and ability it is on the list of best programming language. Swift is much fast and easy way to develop for Apple’s Mac and iOS operating systems.

So these are the top 5 best programming language that we recommend everyone to learn. You can learn each one of the language for free of cost and there are tonnes of the reference books available on internet which help you  for better understanding.

We will try to gather some best books and resource for you to learn programming language. And if you have any other things to add on the story, comments below. We like to hear from you all. Hope this post helps you. 
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    Great to know about which languages are trending now a days and how are they being useful for the web development.
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