4Chan Reportedly DDoSed by Lizard Squad’s DDoS Tool

Recently popular hackers group "Lizard Squad" have taken down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live server with the DDOS attack on Christmas. And here now again they are on the news, as this time the target is 4Chan.org, a popular image boarding website but here is something different.

But here Lizard Squad hackers group have not attacked 4Chan, rather unknown attackers have  rented hackers group DDOS tool Lizard Stresser, for the DDOS attack. With the DDOS tools 4Chan was offline for  more than 12 hours.

Lizard Squad had attacked PlayStation Network and Xbox Live server with  DDOS 1200 GB/s speed, and also offers the double size of the attacking speed on rent.

The Lizard Stresser offers individuals a way to take down IP addresses without having to know anything about hacking or DDoS attacks and is available in multiple subscription packages which range from $5.99 / €4.93 for a 100-second attack to $129.99 / €107 for an eight and a half hour long denial of service incident. The Lizard Squad also offers lifetime packs, prices for which can go upto $500 / €411. The lifetime packs are valid for five years as per Lizard Stresser website.

There is no official confirmation from either the Lizard Squad or 4Chan regarding the attack. May Lizard Squad is not involved into the attack or may there is chance of other reasons of 4Chan offline. Website may be offline due to maintenance also, so the reports is still sketchy and not cleared.

We have to wait for any announcement from either of two for the downtime issue. 

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