Malware found in South Korea Nuclear Plant

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South Korean authorities have found a evidence of low-risk computer "malware" infecting the  one of the system of nuclear plant control systems. As the malware was of low-risk, hence no critical or harmful virus were found on the reactor control. 

There's no evidence that the malware copied itself over onto the system, and there's also no indication that the program would have had harmful effects if it had made it onto the systems. Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co Ltd said company will raise the security of nuclear plant and also take pre-measure cautions by hiring more IT security experts and forming an oversight committee. 

The nuclear operator, noted that non of the critical data or information have been stolen from its system, while a hacker threatened in Twitter messages to close three reactors. 

According to a statement by the country's energy minister, the malware was most likely introduced to the system by workers using unauthorized USB drives. Earlier also same method was used to attack air-gapped nuclear control system in Iran.

As Power company is performing the security check of its entire system for the checking of further damage or lose. The nuclear plant operator said on Tuesday it was increasing the number of staff devoted to cyber security from 53 to around 70, and would set up a committee of internal and external experts to oversee security.
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