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Hackers Leak Five Sony Movies After Hacking

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Last week hackers have hacked into the network of Sony Pictures and make all the studio computers completely offline. All the computers of the Studio was showing an image with the words “Hacked by #GOP” (which stands for Guardians of Peace, not the Republican Party) along with a demand for access to financial documents. Hackers have warned Sony to leak more its data if there demand was not fulfilled.

Now hackers have completed its words with the recent leaks, where Five movies of Sony pictures were leaked on Internet.  This is a worst days for Sony as earlier there all systems were brought down and now leaks of Five unreleased movies.

The list of leaked include unreleased titles “Annie,” “Mr. Turner,” “Still Alice,” and “To Write Love On Her Arms,” as well as World War II drama “Fury.” The latter has been in theaters for over six weeks, but is now the second most popular pirated film with more than 1.2 million downloads as of 11AM on Sunday.

In this data breach Sony had to suffer a lose of 11,000 GB of data's. A post on Reddit provide the details information about the data stolen from the Sony server. All the movies belongs Sony Pictures were uploaded on various torrents sites. A page from torrent site 1337x says that a user uploaded these video and will reveal another soon that is of an upcoming movie (To Write Love on Her Arms) whose release data is March 2015.

Till yet Sony had not commented on this data breach. This is not the first time Sony Pictures’ has suffered a massive security breach. Back in 2011, a hacker group managed to access users’ passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive information on with a SQL injection.
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