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Arstechnica was briefly hacked

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Popular online media publication "Arstechnica" have got hacked, yesterday. There was no news about the hack as the hack was for few minutes, But Arstechnica, itself have confirmed and reported that one of the Ars web sever had been hacked. 

The unknown hacker have firstly hacked into the Ars web server and spent the next hours attempting to get from web server to a more central machine . After a successful exploitation and gaining access to the central server hacker have deface the main page of the Arstechnica.

On the defacement page hacker wrote "Drink all the booze, Hack all the things" with the streamed song from the band Dual Core.

Ars technical team have recovered from the hack with in a short period of time and removed the deface page.
"We spent the afternoon changing all internal paaawords and certificates and hardnening server security even further"- Arstechnica mentioned.
Ars noted that hacker can gain the copy of database. The database doesn't contain any financial details, but it does contain user e-mail addresses and passwords. The passwords stored in the server was hashed using 2048 bit of MD5 algorithm and salted.

2048 bit is quite harder to crack but  possible to crack it. Hence, Ars adviced  its users to immediately change their passwords, especially to all who have reused the same password with more sensitive sites.
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