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This single tweet is crashing the official Twitter app

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Today something epic happens with the official iOS twitter app, and app get crashed after just getting a unique tweets on the users timeline. Hard to believe, isn't ? but that true. A single tweet was the reason for the crashing of the Twitter iOS app.

A bug was discovered on the Twitter  for iOS that causes the app to crash when a specific URL is tweeted on the network. The bug was first discovered by @CPVideoMaker , and in this a URL was encoded with the "Puny Code".

Actually, user have encoded the special characters with the Puny code and transform it to a link on their tweets. Technical details of this Bug/issue was not discussed, but at the mean time the bug was resolved as it get noticed. You can check the below images to have a look on the tweets that causing the issue..

Punycode is a method in which Unicode characters — such as emoji — can be encoded for display in ASCII’s limited character set. The URL in question that’s circulating is a number of emoji’s translated using Punycode,
The bug doesn’t appear to affect third party apps or Twitter’s apps on other platforms. The company appears to be working around the bug by disabling individual links that use the method.

Mean time Bug was resolved by the Twitter team and now app is working normally, as the official Twitter app for iOS seemingly wouldn't open after encountering the Puny code tweet.
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