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Now Disable Blue Tick Mark on Whatsapp

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As of November 5th, WhatsApp added a "message read" notification to WhatsApp, much like Facebook Messenger, to show when users have read messages. Now, the two grey ticks will turn blue (✓✓) when a recipient reads a sent message / opens the conversation window. In group conversations, the blue ticks will only be shown when everybody in the conversation has seen the message.

This update made by Whatsapp (Facebook owns) team was not likes by many of its users and this has certainly created a panic among many users! As this features disclose the information about the senders and readers of message that users have read the message or not. For this Whatsapp already introduced a Last Seen features, but the messenger wasn't probably satisfied with this launching and, and made another update by adding 'Read Receipts’ feature (yes, the blue ticks one ✓✓). 

Now here is the solution for this also, as now you can disable this blue ticks to prevent the ongoing problem. And to disable the Whatsapp blue tick follow this-
Settings > Privacy > Disable the ‘Read Receipts’ option

After disabling the the Read Receipts option, WhatsApp will no longer display blue ticks when you have read their messages, by disabling this option you will stop seeing blue check marks on other people’s chat box too. 

Please note that, disabling option of Read Receipts is only available on latest version of Whatsapp, As the updated version of the Whatsapps is available only through Whatsapp site. (Play Store is not updated with latest version of the Whatsapp app) You can download the apps directly from here -
Android | BlackBerry | Windows Phone | Nokia S40 | Nokia S60
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