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Google Release New Tool for Online Security

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Many times you are worried about your online accounts specially your email account. Cyber criminal are continuously targeting on emails and other online accounts so in this situation is not a new things. Here question arise How to secure your Email accounts? 

So for this search giant Google is always with your to help. As Google regularly updates the securities measure on its products and last time company have announced the additional security features for your Google accounts called as Security Key.

Again Google here reveals another tools to have a track on your Google mail account activity. This new tool lets you easily check when and where your account has been accessed over the last month to make sure nothing unusual is happening.

The Device and Activity Dashboard gives you all the information about your Google account which includes accessed details, list of the devices used to accessed the account and also gives the information with when and where they’ve been accessed. The dashboard shows all the information for the past 28 days. If your account is accessed with a new device then a "New" caption is shown besides the device name and the device you’re currently using with your Google account is listed at the top.

If you finds something suspicious or unauthorized activity on your account then you can immediately change your passwords and also change your recovery details, by just clicking on "Secure Your Accounts" . You can also manage the app passwords and account permission. You can also enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account. 
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