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Snapdeal official blog hacked by Pakistani Hackers

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As there is a great offer running on each of the ecommerce site which includes Amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal and others too and every site is offering best deals for its customer in the eve of Diwali. As all the site admin are busy on serving its customers and providing them there best offers, on the other hand cyber hackers are also taking this opportunity.

One of the popular Indian ecommerce site Snapdeal official blog have got hacked and defaced by the hackers. A Pakistan hacker group 'Pakistan Haxors Crew' have hacked and deface the official blog of snapdeal. On the home page of the blog, hackers have made a post with the title, 'hacked by Pakistan Haxors Crew' and the post redirects the users to the hackers deface page.

Other than that, hackers have defaced the About-Us section of the page and put the message Payback to Indian. According to the message on the deface page, it is clear that hackers have hacked and deface the site just for the payback or revenge.

Till yet it is not confirmed that how hackers had managed to hacked the site but as I have check the blog, it is based on outdated WordPress version. There may be chance that hackers have just took the advantage of this and exploit.

We like to tell the our readers that from couple of days there is a one and one hacks going between the Indian and Pakistan hackers. Pakistani hackers have hacked numbers of Indian sites which includes the sites of the BJP, Indian police and other sites too, and on the payback of these hack Indian hackers have also hacked and defaced some of the Pakistani sites which includes Pakistan People's party sites, Lahore College, and others government sites.

Still there is a cyber war going on between the hackers of two countries and this is not the first time that hackers of  both countries is hacking each other countries sites. Earlier also several hackers have hacked and defaced the each others sites.

After our report, Snapdeal team had imidiately taken off the deface page and made the blog with the under maintenance message. You can find the mirror of the hack at Zone-h
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