History of Computer Security Threats [Infographic]

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In the last couple of years, data breaches have widely increased. As technology develops more security concerns on the security will be also there. Today's date, almost everything can be hacked, if it is connected to the Internet.

Let's go a decade back, at that time also computers were used but very less in comparison with today. And as same many programmers have lifted many security loops on their programs. Hope you remind about the internet's biggest vulnerability "HeartBleed". About HeartBleed it was said that the vulnerability resides for 15 years on the software. So there may be a chance of more bugs on different products.

Here I am posting a [Infograph] (posted by Dell) which is very much informative, and give a lot of information about the history of bugs and computer threats. The infographic covers all the major threats that was been occur till yet.

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History of Computer Security Threats

Hope you have got many things to learn about the history of computer threats via the above Infographic.

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