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More nude images of Jennifer Lawrence leaked online - Part 3

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It seems that this won't be end soon, as after a week after the last leak more nude photos of celebrities have leaked by hackers. This is the third time that hackers have leaked the private photos of celebrities. This time again hackers have targeted Jennifer Lawrence and leaked more of her photos.

This new leak hit the internet on Friday and was labeled as 'The Fappening 3' by subreddits and 4chan communities. The series of leaks of nude photos are not getting end, and more than 55 nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence hitting the Internet once again.

Along with Jennifer Lawrence, more female celebrities have been targeted in this latest photo scandal, including American Olympic gold medallist Misty May Treanor and actors Alexandra Chando, Kelli Garner, and Lauren O’Neil.
After the first leak hits on the Internet, many sources point it to the Apple iCloud service breach, but Apple took the immediate investigation on the nude photo breach and confirm that iCloud service was not the reason for the leaks. Additionally, Apple also mentioned that there had been a "very targeted attack" on certain celebrities' accounts.

After the iCloud leaked photos began appearing on the Internet for the first time, Jennifer Lawrence also contacted the FBI who are conducting investigations into the apparent widespread invasion of personal accounts thought to be connected to the iCloud service. As the fappening incident is currently under FBI investigation.

As yet there has been no confirmation about the source of the nude photos leaks, but whatever the source would be, this never-ending massive privacy breach of high-profile celebs once again questioned the security and privacy of users' online data. 
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