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Malware spreads over Twitch chat, targets Steam accounts

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If you like to play online games and are a users of gaming video streaming site Twitch then now you have to be alert and careful on what you are clicking. Security application maker 'F-secure' have warned Twitch users that a piece of malware is spreading through Twitch's chat which is targeting users Steam account. 

The malware spreading through Twitch chat tries to attract users attention and make them to click on it by offering weekly exciting offer. When the users clicks on the link a Java program popup a fraud offer (as like phishing) window which the makes users to fill the form.

F-secure says that, when a users fills the form and submit, nothing happens actually, but the malware run and a piece of binary apps get download and runs a windows binary in background with the users notice. It leads to access your Steam account and add friends, accept friend requests, trade items, and sell items in the market at a discount.

Malware also sell item from your compromised account at a discount on the Steam Community Market, wipe your Steam wallet and makes inventory dry - according to F-Secure.

Malware also have the capabilities to bypass all the Steam security measures to prevent others from logging into your account on another PC. F-Secure recommends that Steam add new security measures “for those trading several items to a newly added friend and for selling items in the market with a low price based on a certain threshold.”

Do's and Don'ts
User are advised not to click on any unknown links and don't fills any of the advertisement or offer forms. Don't take part in unknown giveaways, until and unless you are sure about the giveaways and the site offering giveaways. 
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