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Stanford University and MIT site hacked by Sahoo

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An Indian hacker going with the online handle Sahoo, have hacked and defaced the website of two popular university, Stanford University site and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website. In this hack hacker have defaced two domains of Stanford University, one is official domain and another is sub-domain of the university, and a sub-domains of MIT.

SaHoo told us via email that he is not affiliated with any hacker group and the hack is not for any fame, he just wanted to remind the university site admin about their security. On the mail he also mentioned that-
The site don't appear to be storing any sensitive information of their student. However, such an attack can still impact an institute's image.
SaHoo have just uploaded his deface page on the university server directory, nothing harm has been done to the server or any students information's.

Last year, SaHoo have hacked Pakistan Attock Police Site, and on the deface page hacker have put Indian flag.

At the mean time, the deface page on the Stanford University site is still there, but the deface page on the MIT sub-domain has been removed.  You can check the attacked sites with the mirror below.
Stanford University

MIT Site

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