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Ransomware decrypting Tool available for free

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Ransomware, from last year it is getting familiar with all and in ransomware variants CryptoLocker is one of the famous. Its a kind of malware that infects your computer and encrypts all your files after infection. Further more it ask for some ransome (money) in order to unlock the encrypted files. Most of the Ransomware uses strong AES-256-bit cryptography, which is virtually impossible to break if you don’t know the private key. For this victim user pay the asked amount to the attacker (ransomware author) to get unlock their files and data.

Recently we have seen many variants of ransomware and each one of then have something different features. Some of the Ransomware are PrisonLocker, CryptoDefense, TorLocker and CryptorBit and there are many more.. These ransomware asked huge amount with the users as minimum $500.

But on the other hand security researcher is innovating the technology and making it more easier to users. We should thanks to the Researcher from FireEye and Fox-IT, who have managed to get the way to decrypt (unlock) these encrypted files. The most interesting things is that researcher are offering this service for Free of Cost.

They have launched an online tool which will help user to unlock their locked files, and it is for free. With this service victims users get the decryption (unlocking) key in their email address.

How it Works?

  • First of all, to decrypt (unlock) your files you need a secret master key. So for this you (user) have to visit 
  • There you have to enter your email address and upload any one infected file that is encrypted.

Now this online tool will scan your files to figure out the encryption specifics, and then send you a recovery program and master decryption key of a particular encryption via an email. You have just use the recovery program and a master decryption key that you have got through your email, in order to decrypt all your infected (encrypted) files.

Additionally, FireEye had warns the users that some data might not be recovered, particularly if you’ve been infected by a CryptoLocker variant rather than CryptoLocker itself.

This is because as we say every ransomware have its unique features and getting to each of the ransomware variants will take some time . So we can hope that in future developer of the online tool updates its feature with the latest latest ransomware features and its decrypting key. 
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