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Hackers Compromise 51 UPS Stores Across the United States

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It is believed that the group of hackers who are behind the year's biggest data breach of Target and other retails shops have now hacked into the 51 UPS Stores across United States.

According to the report published by the company on Wednesday, stats that people who have used their debit or credit cards at UPS Stores between Jan. 20, 2014 and Aug. 11, 2014 may have gotten their data stolen.  UPS mention that out of 4,470 stores 51 stores had malware installed after receiving a government bulletin alerting various retailers of hackers trying to access their systems.

UPS Stores spokesperson Chelsea Lee, says in the statement that the data stolen includes names, postal addresses, email addresses and payment card information of users. And some of the details may have also been exposed.

At the mean time UPS have not revealed, how many people have been affected by the data breach, but company is still investing on the breach matter. UPS says that till now they didn't have any evidence of fraud arising from this incident.

Company have found the malware on August 11 and  says it has "fully contained the incident." Company also mentioned that the users who have been affected by this breach will receive one year of free identity protection and credit monitoring services.

You can check all the list of the affected location published by UPS. 
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