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Facebook Color changing Scam, Back Again - Infects 10,000 Users

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This is not the new thing that cyber criminals are targeting Facebook users continuously and with the popularity of Facebook and getting the tonnes of users in place makes it prior target of hackers. Earlier also many time hackers and scammers have targeted Facebook users via there new cheats and scams. And now once again they are back.

China based internet firm Cheetah Mobile CM Security Researcher lab has detected a new security threat that targets Facebook users to spread malicious software through Facebook app trick. Hackers using the old trick to change the look of the Facebook with the different color from the define range of nice colors. This Facebook color changing tricks makes the users to download a malicious app via a phishing page.

How Scam App Works ?
The scam first steals the users' Facebook Access Tokens by asking them to view a color changer tutorial video,which allows hacker to connect to the victim’s Facebook friends. And If the user doesn’t watch the video, the site then tries to get them to download the malicious color changer application, in order to infect their systems with malware.

If a user is on a PC, the site leads them to download a pornography video player. If the user is on an Android device, it issues a warning saying the device has been infected and advises users to “download now” a suggested application.

How to Prevent This ?
If you haven't got any kind of this type of links or message that state you to change the colour of the Facebook and simply ignore it. It just a scam. We like to tell all our readers that there is no way or app to change the color of the Facebook interface. Just you can make some change to your profile by using the default features of adding photos on to your profile. 

If you have already got the victim of this scam then they  immediately change the password of your account and also remove the color changer app from your profile by visiting your Facebook app settings.

Install good security apps on your device so that it can detects phishing sites and warned you. Always update your security apps for the latest security and scam updates.

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