AT&T to deliver 1Gbps broadband to Silicon Valley

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After Google, which is the only company providing 1Gbps internet speed, now  another is going to add  in the list of providing 1Gbps internet connection. On Wednesday, AT&T have announced that now the company will also provide the 1Gbps internet connection in Cupertino, the home of tech giant Apple, and will get the ultra high speed. In the announcement AT&T says that Silicon Valley will the first city to get the 1Gbps broadband connection.

As AT&T is already offering  the broadband service, which delivers 1Gbps downloads as well as 1Gbps uploads, in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. And it has confirmed plans to deploy the service in 11 additional cities: Cupertino, Charlotte, Greensboro, Houston, Jacksonville, Fla., Miami, Nashville, Overland Park, Kan., Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, and Winston-Salem.

AT&T says that the step is taken just to expand the 1Gbps GigaPower service. Along with the Silicon Valley there are others 11 cities in the list, which includes San Jose, San Francisco, and Mountain View, home of Google, where company is going to provide 1GBps speed.
"Cupertino is leading the way in creating an environment that fosters innovation," the city's mayor Gilbert Wong said in a statement. "And the deployment of ultra-high-speed broadband service will further support innovation in our community, spur our local businesses, and result in even greater economic development in our city."
Years ago, Google is the only company providing 1GBps internet connection and the service was first introduced in  Kansas City. Google is also working in expanding its ultra high speed internet connection service to  Austin and Provo, Utah.

AT&T didn't provide specifics on pricing or when it would start building the Cupertino network. Currently, the company charges $70 a month for the 1Gbps high speed Internet service. This is also the same price that Google charges for its 1Gbps serice.
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