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Vodafone India Official Twitter account Hacked

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Vodafone India, twitter account hacked, phishing attack
Last weekend. the official twitter account of Vodafone Indian (@vodafoneIN) have been hacked by the unknown hacker. With the compromised account hacker have posted some inappropriate tweets and message to its followers.

Vodafone Twitter account is a verified account, having the more then 195k followers. This if the hackers have post some phishy link or some malicious link then there would be number of users get the victim. But hacker have just posted the inappropriate text continuously.

The tweet message reads as-
@Alejopxiis Hey this Horny chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is kizzydreamz2
The spam tweets was last for more than two hours before the Vodafone twitter handler came to notice about the compromised. But within these two hours thousands of its followers have started making fun with the Vodafone India, and comments some kickout tweets.

After gaining back the twitter account Vodafone India have confirmed about the hack and deleted all the spam tweets.
This is not been cleared that how hackers have managed to gain access to the twitter account, but there may be a chance of weak password or a phishing attack could be the  reason of hack. 

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