Security Company Offered $10,000 prize to Hack Tesla car

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Earlier we have seen that hackers have hacked almost the things that are connected with Internet, from Computers to Aircraft, Cars and other things too. In this I remembered a line from Anonymous group "If you are connected with Internet You are Hackable" . So here is another good and challenging announcement for hackers. This announcement is from automaker company Tesla motors.

The Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) has  called hackers for the competition to hack into a Tesla Model S on-board computer at the SyScan Conference in Beijing next week. The reward for the winner of the competition will be awarded $10, 000.

This is a first open invitation competition to crack the car's on-board computer. This will shows the potential  weakness on the infrastructure of the on-board computers and hopefully encourage automakers to protect their cars as they become more software-reliant and automated.

As earlier also researcher Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had demonstrated to hack the Ford and Toyota models . Both hackers have  not only turn on the brakes, but jolt the steering wheel, showing the possibilities of what hackers may be capable of.

Tesla is focusing on customers luxury as well as their security with ex-Apple security Kristin Paget. At moment Tesla is also having a full vulnerability Disclosure Program, where users can report the security flaws on the Vehicles. Researchers are also eligible for the award if their reports is first and valid.  
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