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No-IP regains its Domains after Microsoft Seized

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No-IP domains, Microsoft seized
No-IP, the dynamic DNS provider whose 23 domains were seized by the Microsoft because Microsoft have claimed that the service is being abused in malware campaign which infects million of Windows system. After the five days of domain seized, finally No-IP have regained its all IP back on Monday.

Microsoft seized control over the core of No-IP’s free dynamic DNS offering on Monday, after a US court granted Microsoft the authority to redirect traffic on domains to its own server in order to stop two pieces of malware known as NJrat and Jenxcus botnets.

No-IP representative Natalie Goguen says after the regain of all IP -
“We would like to give you an update and announce that all of the 23 domains that were seized by Microsoft on June 30 are now back in our control.
"Please realise that it may take up to 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate, but everything should be fully functioning within the next day,”
The Seizure of the domain by Microsoft had lead around 4 million of website unreachable, however the company’s order identified 22,000 individual domain names alleged to have been used to distributed malware.

Yesterday, on the blog post No-IP post that 18 out of 23 domains were regained by the order granted by the state's federal court.

On this matter, David Finn, executive director and associate general counsel of Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit said “No-IP have regained control of their domains, and we are reviewing the malicious subdomains to identify the victims of the malware,”.

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