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Kim Dotcom's Mega Blocked by Italian Court

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Mega blocked, Mega Banned, Dotcom's mega seized
The Italian judges seems to be very strict on piracy concerns, as Italian court have ordered to ban Kim Dotcom's Mega over the country. With the so many of the serious censorship taken against torrents site, now Italian court have censored Dotcom's new project Mega. Mega helps in distribution of the pirated movies over the internet.

After the seized of its earlier biggest hosting Mega Cloud, Kim Dotcom's have recently started a new project called Mega. It seems that many of the countries authority is still watching Mega for the Piracy concerns.

The order for the ban has been taken after a small independent movie distributor in Italy, Eyemoon Pictures, complained to the judges that two of its movies, “The Congress” and “Fruitvale Station” were being distributed on the platform before the films even hit cinemas, TorrentFreak reports.

On this issue Mega's lawyer says that this is disproportionate, as just of two movies whole service has been ban over the country. As after the upload of the movie files, Mega have filed a takedown notice, and Mega itself have removed the content without going through the court of law.

Mega says that it would appeal the court for the ban, as there are still many was for Iranians users to use the service after the ban. Users can use Google public DNS or can use VPN service to bypass the ban.

With the ban of Mega, another banned site was the Russian-based email service Mail.Ru, which amounts to yet another inexplicable decision.

Along with this the Court of Rome has issued a nation-wide block of two dozen sites that facilitated the distribution of pirated movies. You can check the list of the domains that were ordered to block.

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