European Central Bank hacked, personal data stolen

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European Central Bank hacked, ransom demanded
Ransom is getting common for the cyber criminals, as they are targeting mobile device with the malware that have a capability to encrypt all the data of the infected system and then asked for ransom.

Here again a unknown hacker have hacked the public website of the European Central Bank (ECB) and stolen customers information, and asked for ransom.

ECB had made a announcement today, inform about the data breached and also state that hackers have contacted the ECB officials and demanded a ransom in exchange for the data. Bank have not disclose the amount of ransom that hacker asked.

ECB noted that No internal systems or market sensitive data were compromised. The database serves parts of the ECB website that gather registrations for events such as ECB conferences and visits. It is physically separate from any internal ECB systems.

Banks says that most of the data were encrypted but parts of database which includes email addresses, some street addresses and phone numbers that were not encrypted.

The ECB is contacting the users whose email addresses or other data might have been compromised and all passwords have been changed on the system as a precaution.

ECB noted that it takes data security extremely seriously, and the organisation informed the hack incidenet to the German Police and investigation has been started. Currently ECB data security experts have addressed the vulnerability.
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