iOS 8 scans Credit Card details using Device Camera

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Day by day innovation of technology is making our life more easier and flexible. As its a boon for mankind on the other hand its have some negative impact also.  Internet which has become of the part of our daily life, it have also a numerous threats. Organisation evolving the technology and making it more handy.

Same thing is also been coming for us from Apple Inc. In the latest version of iOS 8, Apple will soon introduce this feature to Safari that will allow its iPhone/iPad users to scan their physical credit and debit cards with their device camera and optical character recognition, according to 9to5Mac.

The new Safari browser feature in iOS 8 solves the problem of surfing number of pages while shopping online and manually entering credit and debit cards details by integrating camera-based Credit and Debit card reader.

This means  when a user has to shop online using their iPhone or iPad and reach the payment screen for payment, safari browser will automatically display this “Scan Credit Card” option.

The site (9to5Mac), mentioned that “There’s also a way to scan and save cards using the camera directly from within the Passwords & AutoFill settings,” “It seems web developers won’t have to do anything to enable this feature - Safari detects when it’s needed and presents the option above the keypad.”

Till yet Apple have not revealed any information about this feature, but if the feature goes live this will really very helpful for the users who like shopping online. 

As the new technology arrives, the security concerns also arise. We know that every new technology also attracts cyber criminals. We have to wait till the Apple announcement on this, as what pro-active security step has been taken by the Apple for the feature.
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