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Google Announced new Service called Google Domains

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On the list of Google product, one more name is been added. Yesterday Google have launched its new service called Google Domains. Google is now starting a domain registration service but the service is in beta and is invite only registration.

On this service Google is not providing any site hosting or website builder tools, rather some of the free website building site like Wix, Weebly, and Shopify have joined the project as a partners.

Google says that there are about 55% of the small business still don't have a website and they need to get the website for the online presence and promotion of the business. And for all these, domain acts a main foundation of website. So Google have decided to help the small companies to get started with their online presence.

As the Google Domain service is in beta stage, so you need the invitation for the signup. After it comes public then you can able to buy or sell the domain with the service. As like other domain registrar, Google won't charge you any extra fees for the private registration of the domain.

With the register domain on Google service, you will be able to create 100 on emails address (e.g- [email protected]) and 100 of sub-domains. Google domain will use the company own DNS servers, this would be another plus point with Google Domains, as your visitors will get quick response for there request.

This another great steps by Google, I am like this project. So what your opinion on this ? Comment below your views, We like hear from you all .
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