Domino's Pizza hacked with 650,000 customers' details at risk

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Domino's Pizza hacked, Domino's Pizza data breach

Last week a hacker with the twitter handle @RexMundi_Anon have claimed to hacked into the database of Domino’s Pizza websites in France and Belgium, in which he has stolen 592,000 records of French customers and 58,000 records of Belgians customers.

Hackers have announced the news in the twitter and on the tweet hackers have asked for some for money extortion. According to one of the tweet of the hackers have demanded for 30,000 EUR ($40,619) from Domino’s Pizza France against keeping the information secret.

In one of the tweet hacker have posted some of the sample leak of the hack, where a leak post contains stolen information such as names, phone numbers, delivery addresses, email addresses and passwords. However, at the time of writing this article; the paste data was removed. But you can see the post with the Google cache page.

At the mean time Twitter account of the hacker have also been suspended but We have managed to get the screenshots of the tweets by hackers. (Check the below image).

In the response of the data breach Domino's Pizza says hackers have not stolen the financial details (like Credit cards, Debit cards of the Users), but have confirmed the  breach of other data. Hackers might have used phishing attacks against the customers in order to get the financial details.

This is not the first time that Domino's have been hacked, earlier in 2012 also Turkish hackers have hacked into the Domino's Pizza India site have leaked over 37,000 usernames and passwords.
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