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Facebook Launches Anonymous Login at F8 Conference

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Yesterday on F8 Conference, Facebook have made number of announcements. On those one is introducing Facebook Anonymous login feature. According to this feature, Facebook users will be able to log in to third party apps anonymously using their Facebook login. This will help users to log into there account without sharing their personal information.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, explain the Anonymous Login tool as, many users did not feel comfortable sharing their details with an app that allowed Facebook login, without trying the app first. By selecting the “Log In Anonymously” option, users will now be able to log in to apps and services and ascertain whether the app is worth using and if it can be trusted with their details. If users are afraid that logging into a certain app will result in their friends being spammed with requests, then they can opt for the anonymous login. Doing so will ensure that the app developers do not get to see your identity or details and will only be able to do so once you choose to sign in to the app in a regular manner.

Another announcement that highlights Facebook’s attempts at improving user privacy also dealt with app logins. The social network will now allow users to see and control all data that an app requires when you’re logging in. The new login screen will allow users to uncheck any part of their data they don’t want the app to receive before actually logging in. The granularity of this means that users can (as an example) choose to let an app see their likes and email address but not their friends list and birthday. Users will also get a newly designed app control panel that gives them a better view of the apps they use and control their permissions.

Apart from these  announcements, Zuckerberg also revealed that the company will now pledge to fix all major bugs within 48 hours and will ensure that all APIs and platforms will be supported and stable for two years even if the company changes them, something that will come as good news to developers.
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