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China bans use of Microsoft's Windows 8 on government Computers

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Last week China had issued a notice which reads that it bans Microsoft Window's 8 on new government computers. The step is taken in respect of security updates, as organisation doesn't want the system gets out of security updates in future, follows Microsoft's ending of support for Windows XP, news agency Xinhua reported.

Xinhua reports that Windows XP is widely used through out the country. Microsoft had promised to give security updates of Windows XP until July 14. 2015. After the promise also Microsoft say the Operating system is itself insecure.

Chinese government thinks that Microsoft will ends the security support of Windows 8 also as same like   Windows XP when ever company wants. This is only to secure the future security of the organisation system. Windows XP had a long run and about more than 70 percent of users still use XP, and with this Microsoft had ends the support of Windows XP, which makes the half of the users system vulnerable.

Xinhua reports that China will develop its own operating system based on Linux, as same India had also reported to replace ATM's operating system with its own Linux based Operating System called BOSS.

Source:- TNW
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    Why would anyone be surprised by this "revelation"? Tor is based in
    Cambridge, MA and therefore MUST abide by the Patriot Act plain and
    simple. Want anonymity? To regain your online privacy, you must go