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WhatsApp hits new record after handling 64 billion messages in one day

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Yesterday, Facebook acquired messaging app "Whatsapp" reveals the statistic of a day by which can be says that it remain top messaging apps. Whatsapp announced on twitter that  it has hit a new record after processing 64 billion messages in just 24 hours.

A 64 billion figures consist of 20 billion messages sent and 44 billion messages received. It is huge that Whatsapp is getting this much hit in a particular day only. This huge statistic is gained by a daily active users of 64 billion. This makes the Whatsapp on the top of list of messaging apps.
Earlier Facebook have acquired Whatsapp in $19 Billion, which is the most biggest acquisition by any tech firm. Along with Facebook, Google is also trying to acquire Whatsapp.

After Acquisition, there are many rumors going on around the web that Why Facebook have deal with $19 billion for messaging app ? Hope now this stats makes all answer clear. The 64 Billion figures shows the double increase in the Whatsapp user, which is continued growth because earlier this year it says that it have 465 million monthly active users. 

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