Press Information Department (Government of Pakistan) website hacked by Yamraaj

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Two days before, Pakistani hackers have hacked some of the Indian Political party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) websites. Sites of  BJP Punjab and Bihar unit’s website was defaced. Both the websites were defaced by different group of hackers, BJP's Bihar unit's website was defaced by a Pakistani hacker going with the online handle Muhammad Bilal whereas BJP's Punjab unit's website was defaced by KING_HAXOR & AryanZ Khan Tr4ck3r who are the members of PAKISTAN HAXORS CREW. Along with this BJP Junagadh unit’s website was defaced by Pakistani hacker.

On the all the hack hackers message on deface page showing about the (#Opkashmir). It seems that Pakistani hacker were protesting for the Kashmir (State of India).

On this regards, a know Indian hackers (Yamraaj) have also defaced the Pakistani government website. Press Information Department (Government of Pakistan ( have been hacked and defaced by Yamraaj. Additionally Many of the Indian hackers came up together and make the number of Pakistan government site offline via DDOS attack.

This not the first time that hackers from both the country are hacking each other domains. Earlier also they have hacked number of sites of each other. On the eve of Republic day or Independence day also they have hacked tonnes of each other websites.

Earlier also Yamraaj have hacked many Government website of Pakistan and Bangladesh
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