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More Bangladesh Government site hacked By Indian hackers

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Indian Hackers hacked Bangladesh Government sites - Continues Cyber war , Cyber war between indian and bangladesh, hacking govrnment sites, hacked by yamraaj, indian hackers, security loop holes, security expert
Lastly Indian hacker with the online handle "Yamraaj" have hacked 3 Bangladesh government sites, and now again another Indian Hacker name as "Ven0m0us M0f0" have hacked the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (
Ven0m0us M0f0 have hacked another two government sites which includes Department of Environment ( and Bangladesh prison website (

It seems that Indian hackers are on the charge, after the announcement of the cyber war between India and Bangladesh.

At the time of writing deface was still on the root directory of the website as vm.htm.

Hackers told to Cyber Kendra and states the message to Bangladesh hackers as
Yeah I am are sure that you guys will do more defaces than us . Because our cyberspace is very much bigger than your . But we will strike back by hacking your bd high profile sites .
Please do add a link to my fb account cuz I want a lil more supporters . The rest major attacks are going to come .
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