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OpSrilanka: Hackers United Together and Launched Cyber Attack over Srilanka

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Almost all the cyber hackers around the world have came together and launched a campaign called "#OpSrilanka". Hacker joined together and launched a cyber attacks on the Sri Lanka as a protest against the ongoing Tamil Genocide in the country.

To get the campaign deals hacker from around the world have started attacks on the Sri Lanka cyber space. Hackers have hacked number of sites and leaked tonnes organisation database. As hackers reports that the event was live for two days 15th and 16th of April.

Hacker group who are taking part in this event are -
Anon Ghost -Indian Haxors Team - Indian Cyber Rakshak - RedCult (Lebanon) - Muslim Cyber Corporation(Indonesia) - Pakistan Haxors Crew - Ip Sova Crew(Malaysia) - Indonesian Red Code -Team - Elite Cyber Army (Philippines) - Afghan Cyber Army - Indian Cyber Devils - Sec~Team-7 - Sec_dark
There are about 13 group from around the world and some are well know group like Anon Ghost,  Afghan Cyber Army who have already took part in many of such operations.

Almost 100+ website belongs to Sri Lanka's government and other reputed organisation have taken down by hacker from last night and the attack is still live. Some group  reported that this is to repay for the Sri Lanka Government as their army have killed many innocent Tamil's (Indian State) people.

Almost every hacked site contains the following message,-
This is a part of the joint event that we are conducting #OpSrilanka (April 15-16).
We will Speak against your government's AirStrike on the "NO FIRE ZONE" !
We will Speak against the attrocities committed by Srilankan Army on innocent Tamil population !
We will Speak against the War Crimes committed by your government!
We will Speak against the Genocide committed by Your Government !
stop this !!!!!

Some of the Defacement from the popular hacker group are shown below...

Defacement from Afghan Cyber Army
Defacement from Indian Cyber Devils

Defacement from Anon Ghost

Some of the hacked site have been recovered and working fine. Member of #OpSriLanka have released a list of the site that have been attacked till yet on the pastebin.

List of the Sites attacked can be fined Here and Here.

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