4chan Social Image Bulletin Board Hacked

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One of the best Image sharing Bulletin board "4Chan" have confirmed that it was hacked last week. The founder of 4Chan Christopher Poole aka 'moot' have made a confirmation by the blog post that the popular image bulletin board had suffered with the security breach.

On the blog post Christopher, says that hackers have exploited the software vulnerability that allowed the attacker to the attacker gained access to the administrative functions and successfully.

According to the blog post,  attacker have gained access to the image board administrative panel and some of the database tables also. Attacker have extracted the information from the database but 4chan says that it have the detail log of of what was accessed. As per the logs, it indicates that primarily moderator account names and credentials were targeted.

Along with this attacker have also accessed three of its other users credentials. 4Chan have notified the affected users and also offered refunds and lifetime Passes. 

The Company have assured its users that non of the financial information has been compromised in the hack attack, and also noted that all payment information is processed securely by Stripe— Company never see nor store any of the financial information. 

The vulnerability on the 4Chan software have been patched as it came to their attention. 4Chan  assured its users that they will spend times and will continues testing there software for the security so to prevent the future damage or future breach. Company have apologized for the inconvenience caused to its users.  

Earlier also in June 2012, 4Chan have suffered from the hackers attack of UGNazi, its DNS was changed and all its visitors was redirected to the UGNazi twitter account.

Source : 4chan blog
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