Microsoft Virtualization Certification for free

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Now developers are trying there best to make the virtual stuff as much easy as they can, and for this you know what kind of knowledge you should have. There are not much who can learn the Virtualization, may the reason is its cost. Many of the programming course are freely available over the internet where as same courses are available for high cost at physical classes.

So here is the good news for them those who are interested in doing Virtualization and make something different and creative. For this Microsoft is going to help you.

Microsoft is giving a offer to all the users around the word for free certification of Server Virtualization. This certification also helps you in your curriculum vitae. The same course which is available for hundreds of dollars is giving you for free..

For this you simply have to Microsoft Virtual Academic site, and click on the "Get Free Voucher". After that you have register at Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), now you can proceed to your own interest.

If you want to get trained for this course and want to learn more on it, then you can check the FREE Training by Microsoft Virtual Academy . You can also check details of the Skill tested in the exam.

Note :- You have to complete the exam before 30 June to avail this offer.

So waiting for what just grab it now.
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