Dendroid - New Android Malware Rootkit for $300

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Android Malware

Day by day increasing in the ratio of Android users make its points of attack to the cyber criminals. Hackers are continuously targeting the users via various means as like malicious apps or by giving malicious advertisement on some of the free apps. Apart from this many of the cyber criminals are developing a malware kit and selling it on the underground markets / forums. As per the Symantec, the first android RAT malware kit was known as AndroidRAT, which was the first malware APK binder.

After this, researcher from the Symantec have once again discovered another Android malware rootkit know as "Dendroid", which is currently selling on the underground forums. The word Denroid means something is tree-like or has a branching structure.

Researcher explains that, Denroid is a HTTP RAT that is compatible with any version of Android which have sophisticated PHP panel, and an application APK binder in the package. The APK binder used by the Denroid share some of the links to the author of original AndroidRAT APK binder.

Researcher mention that, Denroid is selling on the underground forum at $300 and payment is accepted by the crypto currency like Bitcoin. Author of Denroid is name a Soccer (as per the users name on the forums). Author is also offering the 24/7 support to the buyers of Rootkit.  Dendroid have the many features as follows..
  • Delete call logs
  • Call a phone number
  • Open Web pages
  • Record calls and audio
  • Intercept text messages
  • Take and upload photos and videos
  • Open an application
  • Initiate a HTTP flood (DoS) for a period of time
  • Change the command-and-control (C&C) server

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